QuattroPod USB (1T1R) Package

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Simplifying the transmitter to use the only USB interface to plug and play laptops and smartphones. Never worry about HDMI, DP, and other connectors anymore.

Plug and cast

Instant app-free wirelessly screen mirroring from your favorite smart devices.

Touchback control

Control your device wirelessly with a touch panel.

Cross-platform compatibility

Compatible with all major OS systems.


  • Plug and cast
  • Single USB interface for both display and power
  • Screen mirroring from Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices
  • Secure point-to-point 5 GHz Wi-Fi network connectivity
  • Up to 4 display sources in split-screen mode
  • AES 128-bit encrypted network and WPA2 authentication protocol
  • Smart Touchback Control with interactive touch screens
  • Host control to administer display sources

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