EZCast ProAV WT02 4K60 HDMI Encoder (Transmitter)

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Transmitter for EZCast ProAV (A receiver is required to make it functional)

【Long Distance Transmission】 Up to 200-meter long smooth wireless transmission without any noticeable latency with up to 4k@ 60fps input and 4k@30 output resolution.

【CMS control】 Central management system helps users control unlimited devices. IT staff or supervisors sit in the office and control the contents they want to deliver. With the Ethernet connection, EZCast ProAV can leverage your current network infrastructure without extra setup.

【Wide application & Plug and Play】 EZCast ProAV supports point-to-point/1 to many/many to 1 functions and features KVM and USB extension. Simply use the Ethernet cable to pair the encoder and decoder and everything is set up!

【Multiple interfaces supported】 Equipped with HDMI, USB Type A, DC-in, Aux out, IR-in, RJ45, and RS-232, EZCast ProAV can be widely used in various scenes

【Extremely cost-saving design for devices, backbones, and deployments】EZCast ProAV WT/WR can transmit data wirelessly, providing a cost-saving plan for long-distance transmission. Connection over IP also avoids conventional-issue such as limited I/O interface and thus offers high scalability for future upgrades.

● 802.11ac 2T2R high-power antennas for long-range transmission
● Gigabit Ethernet supported
● Built-in on-chip hardware video encoder for 4K resolution
● USB2.0 Host for HID devices
● KVM mode and 1-to-many Splitter mode

● HDMI loopback display for local monitoring (Transmitters only)


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